Unlocking IP conference - 18-19 November 2004New models for sharing and trading intellectual property
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Setting the Context

Parallel Session 10A:
Acquiring and Adapting – Re-use of Resources

Greg Richard
Chief Executive Officer, BodyOnline

BodyOnline: a Case Study

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The education sector has an ever-increasing need to provide rich, high quality learning resources. Adapting and re-using resources across educational institutions is becoming a necessity. Many high quality resources exist in other industries and it is imperative that education makes good use of them.

BodyOnline's 3D animations are stunning resources developed initially for the medical industry. Designed as an educational tool to assist medical professionals explain graphically and simply medical conditions and treatments to patients, these images have revolutionised the doctors ability to be able to communicate to their patients. This workshop will demonstrate the images and their potential for multiple educational adaptations. While the images speak loudly for themselves, Greg will also outline the issues and conundrums of licensing these resources for education, using recent case study examples. There will also be opportunity for audience participation/ suggestions for future educational applications.

Greg Richard is the CEO of BodyOnline, an Australian company which creates revolutionary 3D imagery of the human body. Greg Richard identified a need for a tool designed to alter current thinking in healthcare communication, hence the formation of BodyOnline and its unique images. Three dimensional animations, models and images are housed within a range of interactive software programs, enabling the user to communicate or understand, graphically and simply the workings of the human body in a healthy and unhealthy state. The BodyOnline images, which are adaptable to all media and technology platforms, are easily understood by all cultural backgrounds and age groups.

Before starting BodyOnline, Greg worked as an independent Producer in video production, 3D animation and web design in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand, Great Britain and Hong Kong and was also a partner in one of the first corporate video production companies in Sydney. Greg has also worked as a part time radio broadcaster for ABC Radio as well as a Production Designer on a number of programs for ABC television.

Chair: Dennis Macnamara,
Business Development manager, AEShareNet

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Parallel Session 10B: Implementing Creative Commons licences

Ian Oi,
Special Counsel, Blake Dawson Waldron

In this practical session, Ian

  • goes through the mechanisms that licensors use to select, apply and deploy Creative Commons licences;
  • summarises and explores various emerging applications for Creative Commons licences; and
  • gives guidance on dealing with various challenges to the use of open content licences like the Creative Commons licences.

Ian Oi is a special counsel in the Canberra office of Blake Dawson Waldron who practices primarily in the area of information technology, communications, intellectual property and cyberlaw. For a number of years, he has particularly focussed on the development, licensing, distribution and management of open content and open source software. Amongst other things, Ian is co-project lead (and leader of drafting team) for the iCommons Australia project, which promotes the Creative Commons licences in Australia. Ian has also drafted contractual frameworks for the development and deployment of open source software, and open source software licences in an Australian environment.

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