Unlocking IP conference - 18-19 November 2004New models for sharing and trading intellectual property
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Session 6 -
Administering Open Content: Organisational implications

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Michael Fraser,
CEO Copyright Agency Limited (CAL)

Issues for Rights Management Organisations

Copyright Agency Limited is a not-for-profit, rights management company that administers the statutory educational and government licences as well as voluntary licences established for the benefit of a broad range of creators, consumers and other stakeholders. Technological advances, such as digital rights management tools, are making it easier to search for, access and pay copyright owners for content. As new forms of communication develop, rightsholders have an incentive to develop systems that provide widespread access and remuneration for their creative effort. Michael Fraser, CAL CEO, will discuss CAL’s online projects and other developments in technology that are making content more available while balancing creator rights.

Michael Fraser established the office of the Copyright Agency Limited (CAL), Australia in 1986. A copyright lawyer, he is Chief Executive Officer of CAL and Vice-President of the International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organisations (IFRRO). Michael Fraser is also chairman of IFRRO’s Asia-Pacific Committee, chairman of IFRRO’s Membership Committee and speaks at conferences on behalf of IFRRO and at the invitation of the World Intellectual Property Organisation.

Michael is a former Chairman of the Australian National Book Council, was a founding partner of the Interoperability of Data in E-Commerce Framework Company (INDECS) in 1998, and was a Director of the Hong Kong Reprographic Rights Licensing Society from 1995 to 2001. He was a founding director of the Centre for Copyright Studies, current member of the Copyright Society, member of the Committee of Management of the Australian Copyright Council, was a director of the Arts Law Centre from 1997 - 2003, a director of the International Digital Object Identifier Foundation (IDF) since 2002 and a member of the Law Council of Australia. 

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Lisa Wood
Box Hill TAFE

Managing IP in Education

The VET sector in Victoria faces unique challenges in implementing effective intellectual property policy and management and adopting new models for sharing intellectual property. Lisa will discuss the benefits of an ‘open content’ or ‘commons’ approach to the VET sector and some of the challenges to implementing such models at an institutional level.   

Lisa Wood is the Intellectual Property Officer at Box Hill Institute in Victoria. She is responsible for the administration of the educational statutory licenses at the Institute and provides advice in relation to intellectual property policy and management. Lisa is a law graduate with a particular interest in copyright law and believes that models for the sharing of IP are critical to access and equity in education. Working in the VET sector has provided an opportunity to consider how such models might be incorporated into institutional practice and the cultural shifts required.

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Content Creators - How do you find open content? [tba]

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Sheila Fitzgerald
Executive Director, TAFE frontiers

Using electronic publishing strategies in Education

This session will cover:

  • TAFE frontiers rationale for licensing and the models that we use
  • The ways in which license holders use TAFE frontiers products
  • How we see the future of licensing and the ways in which the development of learning materials will need to change to accommodate these needs
  • The underpinning e-commerce and publishing systems TAFE frontiers is using (and will use in the future) to support licensing and customisation of learning materials.

Sheila Fitzgerald is an experienced educator having worked in schools and TAFE for over 20 years.  She has worked in teaching and non-teaching roles and has managed a large support area.  Sheila has been the Executive Director of TAFE frontiers since it started in August 1999, this role has provided the opportunity to bring together all of the aspects of teaching, learning and management that she is passionate about.

TAFE frontiers is a Victorian government funded agency which provides flexible learning support and development services to all providers in the Victorian VET sector. It focuses on professional development, research and learning materials development and has explored creative and innovative ways to support the VET system in Victoria to improve delivery and make the learning experience better for learners. 

Sheila completed a Flexible Learning Leader project in 2003 which explored future models for sustainable VET organisations.  She believes that increasingly providers need to see themselves as knowledge generation businesses that are able to leverage their organisational knowledge and capacity to generate improved outcomes for learners.

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Session Chair:
Jennifer Dunbabin, Communications Officer
Australian Flexible Learning Framework

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