Unlocking IP conference - 18-19 November 2004New models for sharing and trading intellectual property
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Setting the Context
Parallel session 9A - Global Standards and interoperability

'IP and the Virtuous Circle of Innovation, Interoperability, and Standards'

IP resides in many places. Sometimes it remains hidden or hoarded. In the context of learning, education, and training it often gets buried – along with its social and economic potential. This is despite the lip service that is paid to ideals of knowledge sharing and the enabling infrastructure that we already have. But as our networked environment expands, as information and communications technologies become ubiquitous, as technologies both diversify and converge, IP can be unlocked by an increasing variety of means. It can also find new expression in both process and artefact. This workshop will focus on the relationship between innovation, interoperability, and standards and how they might be brought into a virtuous alignment.

Jon Mason
Executive Consultant, education.au limited
Assistant Director, IMS Australia

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Jon Mason is an Executive Consultant with education.au limited where he has an advocacy role in development of interoperability standards relevant to Internet-enabled education and training. Since 2000 he has played a pivotal role in developing Australian engagement in international e-learning specifications and standards development. He chairs the Standards Australia IT-019-1 Committee, heads the Australian delegation to ISO/IEC JTC1 SC36, IT in Learning, Education and Training, and is also an active participant in the IMS Global Learning Consortium and the IEEE LTSC. During 2003-4 he was the Technical Editor for the IEEE Digital Rights Expression Languages Recommended Practice.

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Tim Hand
Centre For Learning Innovation, DET NSW

Tim Hand has been occupied by issues of educational resource production for the past sixteen years. During this period, he has been involved in establishing publishing procedures for education providers, securing projects for the schools sectors, TAFE and commercial organisations, in national and international markets.

More recently, Tim’s work has involved issues of wider system integration involving CMS, LMS and access management. He has also collaborated with the COLIS project (2002-2003) led by Macquarie University. In 2003, Tim initiated a research project on behalf of ANTA regarding an approach for the use of Digital Rights Management (DRM) in exchanging learning objects.

Currently, Tim is extending this work within the NSW Department of Education and Training, Centre for Learning Innovation, leading projects on learning standards and systems integration as manager of the Teaching and Learning Exchange (TaLE).

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Parallel session 9B -
Implementing ‘Open Content’ licences, including 'Free for Education'

Link to presentation and FfE Licence Model

'Open content' licencing is emerging as a new means for managing the trading and sharing of IP works. AEShareNet has been at the forefront of this new wave, and has developed a suite of open content solutions to suit the e-commerce environment based on a series of licence templates.

Ensuring the effective use of these open content licence templates requires a coherent, integrated business and process model. You need to align e-business back office functionality with the templates, and encourage organisations and individuals to play. But practitioners and business managers are not necessarily interested in the nuances and intricacies of copyright law, metadata, search engine optimisation, and licence conditions. These complexities need to be presented in an accessible way if everyone involved is to appreciate the potential of the new approach. AEShareNet has confronted these implementation challenges over the last 2 years; the successes and challenges will be revealed during this interactive workshop.

Carol Fripp M.Pub.Ad, B.Ed.St.
General Manager, AEShareNet

Carol Fripp has over 25 years involvement in the Australian VET sector, from TAFE teacher through various organizational consultant and change agent roles into managing electronic service delivery options and ecommerce solutions in a rapidly changing environment.

Carol has traveled widely over the last decade to keep current with new initiatives and innovations in the global marketplace. She has given several papers at national conferences through Australia and was Keynote Speaker at New Zealand eFEST2003. Her involvement with AEShareNet commenced in 1998 and continued through its evolution until appointed as inaugural Board Member in 1999 and subsequently moving into the role of General Manager in January 2002.

Dennis Macnamara
Business Development manager, AEShareNet

Dennis Macnamara has worked in vocational education for over 30 years in public and private institutions including 19 years for TAFENSW (10 at the Open Training and Education Network, OTEN), and five at the Securities Institute. His main expertise is in the design and delivery of flexible and innovative learning services. He has been responsible for designing business models for the efficient organisation of education and training and is passionate about holistic approaches to the education business.

Dennis joined AEShareNet in 2002, attracted to its potential to play a vital part in the infrastructure needed to facilitate flexible but efficient vocational education in Australia. It is imperative intellectual property be carefully managed in education, and that learning resources be used as widely as possible. Dennis believes AEShareNet offers an efficient global trading and sharing platform for learning materials, a world first for Australia.

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