The Community's Associates

The Cyberspace Law and Policy Community at UNSW is based around the collaboration of Research Associates within and outside UNSW. Our Research Associates are listed below. They include investigators and industry partners in ARC projects in areas such as intellectual property, privacy and regulating online investing. (Many worked with the Centre, as it was called before 2013.)

Recent publications by Research Associates appear on our home page; see also Publications for a list of all publications.

A separate page covers Postgraduate Research Associates and undergraduate Interns who also undertake valuable work with the Community, and are supported by it. And 'About the Community' refers to Community personnel, and provides background to our operations.

Research Associates

Links are to each person's details at the bottom of this page.

  1. Russell Allen
  2. Catherine Bond
  3. Dr Lee Bygrave
  4. Dr Jason Catlett
  5. Philip Chung
  6. Prof Roger Clarke
  7. Chris Connolly
  8. Tim Dixon
  9. Anne Flahvin
  10. Bruce Gordon
  11. Professor Graham Greenleaf (former co-director)
  12. Associate Professor Rodger Jamieson
  13. Anna Johnston
  14. Professor Dimity Kingsford Smith
  15. Adrian Lawrence
  16. Yee Fen Lim
  17. Alana Maurushat (academic director)
  18. Professor Jill McKeough
  19. Bryan Mercurio
  20. Irene Nemes
  21. Luigi Palombi
  22. Abi Paramaguru
  23. Gail Pearson
  24. Carolyn Penfold
  25. Holly Raiche
  26. Prof Paul Roth
  27. John Selby
  28. Alex Steel
  29. Dr Dan Svantesson
  30. Tracy Sweeny
  31. Yijun Tian (George)
  32. Alan Tyree
  33. Associate Professor Ron van der Meyden
  34. Meiring de Villiers
  35. Nigel Waters

Research Associates

Russell Allen <mail (at)>

Russell is a solicitor at Lloyd Hart Entertainment Lawyers. He has taught LAWS 3035 Computerisation of Law and Intellectual Property, GENL 2031 Cyberspace Law and GENL 0230 Law in the Information Age. He is working in private practice.


Catherine Bond < (at)>

Catherine Bond completed her PhD at the Faculty of Law, University of New South Wales, as part of the ARC-funded “Unlocking IP” project in 2009. She is now a lecturer in the Law School. Catherine’s doctoral research focuses on constitutional, legislative, and historical aspects of the public domain in Australian copyright law. Catherine has been published in Australian and international journals including the Journal of World Intellectual Property and the Media & Arts Law Review and she was a regular contributor to Computers & Law: Journal for the Australian and New Zealand Societies for Computers and the Law.

Lee Bygrave home page publications <l.a.bygrave (at)>

Lee is Associate Professor at the Department of Private Law (Institutt for privatrett), Law Faculty, University of Oslo. He was a founding co-director of the Centre (as it then was) while at UNSW. His areas of expertise include privacy/data protection, consumer protection, information security, private international law and ADR/ODR. He has published widely including 'Data Protection Law: Approaching Its Rationale, Logic and Limits'. His current research and consultancy focuses on consumer protection in e-commerce. He is an investigator in the Interpreting Privacy Principles research project.

Jason Catlett, Junkbusters home page <catlett (at)>

Jason Catlett is President and founder of Junkbusters Corp. A computer scientist with a PhD in data mining, he is an authority on the interplay between technology, marketing and privacy. He has testified before US Senate, House of Representatives, Federal Trade Commission, Dept. of Commerce, and National Governors' Association. A member of the advisory board of Privacy International, he taught at University of Sydney and has served as examiner at Rutgers University, on the Editorial Board of Machine Learning, visiting scholar in Computer Science at Columbia, and fellow at Kennedy School of Government at Harvard.

Philip Chung <philip (at)>

Philip Chung is a Lecturer in Law, UTS and Executive Director of AustLII (a joint UNSW/UTS facility), the host facility for the Community's web resources. He has research and teaching interests in the security, privacy and other legal aspects of the operation of Internet resources. He teaches computerised legal research at UTS and is involved in teaching LAWS3035 Developing Computer Applications to Law (LLM) at UNSW. He is an investigator in the Unlocking IP research project and a contributor to the Privacy Principles project.

Professor Roger Clarke home page <Roger.Clarke (at)>

Roger Clarke is a researcher, consultant and commentator on electronic commerce, information infrastructure policy, and privacy. He was formerly Associate Professor of Information Systems, ANU, and is a Visiting Professor at the Universities of Hong Kong, Linz and Bern. His extensive web pages receive high international usage. He is a consultant in the Unlocking IP and Privacy Principles research projects.

Chris Connolly <c.connolly (at)>

Chris Connolly is principal of Galexia Consulting, an e-commerce regulation and authentication consultancy, and was Director of the Financial Services Consumer Policy Centre, a former centre of the Faculty of Law at UNSW. He is an expert on electronic financial transactions, and particularly on consumer and privacy interests. He co-edits the monthly Internet Law Bulletin. He co-taught LAWS 3037 Data Surveillance & Information Privacy Law (LLM) and developed the LLM subject on e-commerce. 

Tim Dixon <tim.dixon (at)>

Tim Dixon is an Associate at Baker & McKenzie Sydney who specialises in the field of privacy law and PKI. He is the editor of the Private Sector Privacy Handbook and a former chair of the Australian Privacy Foundation, and is currently working at a senior level in the federal government.

Anne Flahvin photo

Anne Flahvin <Anne.Flahvin (at)>

Anne Flahvin is an Associate at Baker & McKenzie Sydney who specialises in the fields of intellectual property and defamation. She has worked extensively with the higher education sector in relation to copyright and IP. She is an investigator in the Unlocking IP research project.

Bruce Gordon <b.gordon (at)>

Bruce Gordon is a Lecturer in Law in  the School of Business Law & Taxation, Faculty of Commerce, UNSW, where he teaches IT law. His research interests are in the IP and consumer protection aspects of IP law.

Professor Graham Greenleaf home page <g.greenleaf (at)>

Graham Greenleaf is a Professor of Law at UNSW where he teaches most aspects of cyberspace law, and the computerisation of law. His main research interests in cyberspace law are in privacy and intellectual property. He teaches LAWS1031 Information Technology Law (LLB) via Internet delivery, and co-teaches LAWS 3037 Data Surveillance & Information Privacy Law (LLM).  He is a Co-Director of AustLII and the General Editor of Privacy Law & Policy Reporter. He was the foundation Director of the Centre, as it then was. He is chief investigator in the Unlocking IP and Interpreting Privacy Principles research projects.

Associate Professor Rodger Jamieson  home page <r.jamieson (at)>

Dr. Rodger Jamieson, formerly Associate Professor in the School of Information Systems, Technology and Management, Faculty of Commerce, UNSW, is a specialist in information systems audit, computer security and knowledge-based systems. He's also Director of SEAR, a qualified Chartered Accountant, a member of the Australian Computer Society and a member of the Information System Auditor and Control Association (USA). Applied research is in risks, security and audit of electronic commerce, computer forensics and knowledge management. He also has experience in IS audit management with Touche Ross & Co. and Coopers & Lybrand.
Anna Johnston - anna (at)

Anna Johnston is Director of privacy consulting at Salinger Privacy, and was previously NSW Deputy Privacy Commissioner. She is a past Chair of the Australian Privacy Foundation.

Anna is a contributor to the Privacy Principles ARC Discovery research project.

Professor Dimity Kingsford Smith home page <d.kingsfordsmith (at)>

Professor Kingsford Smith joined UNSW Law in 2005. Previously she was professor of law and Director of the Centre for Law in the Digital Economy at Monash University, and held appointments at University of Sydney and at University College London and Warwick University in UK. Dimity is one of Australia's foremost authorities on the regulation of securities and financial products and theories of regulation, and has published widely in these areas. She is chief investigator in the ARC Discovery project examining the Regulation of Online Investing, and teaches courses including LAWS2041 Securities and Financial Services Regulation; LAWS3088 Regulation of Online Investing; and LAWS4028 Corporate Governance.

Adrian Lawrence <Adrian.Lawrence (at)>

Adrian is a partner with global law firm Baker & McKenzie's Sydney office, specialising in ecommerce and internet law. Adrian's current research interests include the regulation of ecommerce across jurisdictional boundaries and the future of online copyright. Adrian is the author of the recently-published LexisNexis looseleaf The Law of Ecommerce and teaches LAWS3044 Electronic Commerce Law and Practice.

Yee Fen Lim home page <YeeFen (at)>

Yee Fen Lim is a Senior Consultant at Galexia Consulting where her focus is on E-commerce law work. She was previously an Associate Professor of Law at Macquarie University where she taught IT Law and IP Law. She has also taught at University of Sydney and UNSW. She has been Visiting Professor at the Centre for Asia Pacific Technology Law and Policy (CAPTEL) at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Her book Cyberspace Law: Commentaries and Materials (OUP 2007) is in its second edition.

Alana Maurushat <a.maurushat (at)>

Alana Maurushat is Acting Academic Director of the Community, sessional lecturer, and PhD candidate at the Faculty of Law at UNSW. She was Assistant Professor and Deputy Director of the LLM in Information Technology and Intellectual Property at HK Faculty of Law. She teaches Advanced Legal Research. Her current research is focused on technical, ethical and legal dimensions of computer malware building on past research projects on the impact of surveillance technologies on free expression and privacy. She is a partner investigator in the Regulating Malware research project.

Professor Jill McKeough home page < jill.mckeough (at)>

Jill McKeough is Dean of Law at University of Technology, Sydney. She was formerly Professor and Head of School, Faculty of Law, UNSW. She is author of leading intellectual property texts, and was involved in a review of the competitive impact of Australia's IP laws. She taught LAWS2021 Industrial & Intellectual Property (LLB) and LAWS4021 Issues in Intellectual Property Law (LLM). She is an investigator in the Unlocking IP research project.

Professor Bryan Mercurio home page <b.mercurio (at)>

Bryan was formerly Director of the Electoral Law Project at the Gilbert + Tobin Centre of Public Law, and has taken a post at Chinese University of Hong Kong School of Law. His research includes technology-related issues, such as Internet voting, and international trade, development and intellectual property law. He is an investigator in the Unlocking IP research project.

Associate Professor Ron van der Meyden home page <meyden (at)>

Ron van der Meyden is an Associate Professor in the School of Computer Science and Engineering, UNSW has research interests covering legal applications of encryption and logic programming technologies, including ECMS, public key infrastructure, and electronic contract enforcement. He is also associated with the NICTA project.

Luigi Palombi photo

Luigi Palombi - <luigi.palombi (at) >

Luigi Palombi is a former principal of a specialist law practice in Sydney. He completed a PhD at UNSW covering intellectual property law and genetic information, including patentability of gene sequence data and protection of human genetic information, and is now at Centre for the Governance of Knowledge and Development, The Australian National University. His PhD thesis in 2004 was entitled “The Patenting of Biological Materials in the Context of TRIPS.” Although an accomplished lawyer who specialises in patent law and biotechnology, with clients around the world, his post-doctoral work commenced at RegNet in 2008 and is focused on traditional knowledge and intellectual property.

Abi Paramaguru

Abi Paramaguru was Research and Policy Officer at the Cyberspace Law and Policy Centre, as it then was, from 2006-2009. She coordinated and carried out research on the Unlocking IP and Interpreting Privacy Principles projects. Abi was also co-host of the House of Commons blog.

Abi completed a BSc (IT)/LLB (Hons) from Macquarie University and is admitted to the Supreme Court of New South Wales as a lawyer. Abi has worked at the Australasian Legal Information Institute (AustLII), and at Baker and McKenzie, Sydney.

Professor Gail Pearson home page <g.pearson (at)>

Gail Pearson is Chair of Business Law and Professor in the Sydney University Faculty of Economics and Business. Her research interests include commercial consumer law, advertising/infomercial regulation, financial services, the laws of South Asia (tradition, law and female citizenship in South Asia) and alternative dispute resolution systems. She taught Contracts, Commercial and Consumer Sales, and Financial Services Law and Compliance at UNSW.

Carolyn Penfold home page <c.penfold (at)>

Carolyn Penfold is Head of School in Law Faculty at UNSW where she teaches Contracts. She has researched  the practical operation and incidental effects of internet censorship and published a number of articles on Australia's Internet censorship laws.

Irene Nemes home page <i.nemes (at)>

Irene Nemes Senior Lecturer in Law at UNSW teaching Criminal Law (LAWS1001, LAWS1011). She formerly taught Legal Research and Writing and Advanced Legal Research, and is the author of the text, Effective Legal Research (with Graeme Coss). Her current Research interests include regulation of hate speech in Cyberspace.

Paul Roth home page <paul.roth [at]>

Professor Paul Roth, based at the Faculty of Law at the University of Otago, New Zealand, is an investigator in the Interpreting Privacy Principles ARC Discovery project. He is an editor of the Global Encyclopaedia of Data Protection Regulation (Kluwer Law International), and author of Privacy Law and Practice (Butterworths), chapters in Electronic Business and Technology Law (Butterworths) and Universal Human Rights (Macmillan). He is a contributor to Privacy Law and Policy Reporter (Aust), and on the editorial board of PLPR and Human Rights Law and Practice (NZ).

Holly Raiche <h.raiche (at)>

Holly Raiche is an adjunct lecturer at the Faculty of Law, UNSW teaching undergraduate and graduate classes in the areas of telecommunications law. She is a Research Assocate at this Community, and a Research Associate at the Communications Law Centre at University of Technology, Sydney. She is also a Director of the Internet Society of Australia (ISOC-AU),Deputy Chair of the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN) chair of ICANN’s Asia Pacific Regional At Large Organisation (APRALO), and a member of ALAC. 

John Selby home page <johnselby (at)>

John Selby is a lecturer in business law at Macquarie University, having complete an LLM at UNSW with Professor Greenleaf in Internet governance issues around domain names and dispute resolution.

Alex Steel home page <a.steel (at)>

Alex is Associate Professor in law at UNSW and former consultant to Criminal Law Review Division, NSW Attorney Generals Department. He teaches criminal law and property law with a specialisation in theft and fraud. He has a particular interest in an interest in identity fraud issues, and the application of criminal laws to computers and the internet, and the meaning of concepts of ownership in cyberspace. He teaches LAWS 9994 Commercial Fraud in the LLM programme, and several Criminal Law subjects.

Dan Svantesson <dasvante (at)>

Dr Dan Svantesson is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law, Bond University. He specialises in international aspects of the IT society, an area within which he has published two books, a range of articles and given seminars, courses and presentations in Australia, Asia and Europe.


Tracy Sweeny - tracy (at) - blog:

Tracy Sweeny is a former lecturer at University of Technology, Sydney and University of Wollongong Faculties of Law, publishing in IP and commercial law. At UTS she taught in LLB, JD and Post graduate Master of Industrial Property, the qualification for Trade Mark and Patent Attorneys. Tracy set up Sweeny Legal in 2012, a a virtual and mobile legal practice in IP, brand licensing and commercial law, and offering not-for-profit services for people with disabilities and their carers.


George Tian photo

Yijun Tian (George) – home page - <george.tian (at)>

Dr George Yijun Tian is a lecturer at the UTS Law School, and a research fellow of the center for IP studies at the China University of Political Science and Law. George was previously a consultant in the Economic and Social Analysis Unit at the United Nations International Labour Organisation, and was a project coordinator of the Commercial Dispute and Litigation Department at the Clayton Utz, Sydney. He has been a visiting scholar at the University of Washington Law School, and a summer research associate of the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at the Harvard Law School in 2005. He has research and teaching interests in intellectual property, anti-trust law, digital law, technology transfer law, and online investment regulation, and has worked with Prof. Dimity Kingsford Smith at UNSW on an ARC research project Regulating Online Investing.

Alan Tyree home page <alan (at)>

Former Landerer Professor of Information Technology and Law, University of Sydney. Section editor, Banking Law and Practice section of the Journal of Banking and Finance Law and Practice. Recent books include Digital Cash, Butterworths, 1997; co-author, The Law of Payment Systems, Butterworths, 2000; Banking Law in Australia, 4th ed, Butterworths 2002; Tyree's Banking Law in New Zealand 2nd ed, LexisNexis 2003; co-author of looseleaf Weaver and Craigie, Banker and Customer in Australia, LBC.

Meiring de Villiers home page <mdv (at)>

Meiring formerly taught Computer and Cyber Law, as well as Mathematical Economics at Stanford. He is a now Senior Lecturer in Law at UNSW. His research and teaching interests range across law and economics of information technology, mathematical analysis of law, and application of modern finance theory to problems in corporate and securities law. He is teaching LAWS2021 Industrial and Intellectual Property and LAWS2024 Commercial Finance at UNSW law school. He is pleased to live in a country with a winning cricket team.

Nigel Waters <nigel (at)>

Nigel Waters is a consultant on privacy and fair information practices, and was formerly deputy federal Australian Privacy Commissioner, and before that Assistant UK Data Protection Registrar. He was a long term Board member of the Australian Privacy Foundation (APF) and is still active in privacy advocacy both with APF and Privacy International, for whom he has attended numerous APEC and OECD privacy committees. At UNSW he has co-taught the Data Surveillance and Information Privacy Law course, and was principal researcher in the ARC funded Interpreting Privacy Principles research project.