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Cyberspace law GENL 2032
Update on e-Business, digital IP and Privacy LAWS 5238
UNSW postgraduate media, communication, IT and IP courses


Conferences and seminars

2001: New Challenges in Online Content Regulation

2002: Domain Name and Internet Governance - Practical Workshop on Common Internet Disputes - The International Dimension of E-commerce and Internet Regulation - Gutnick seminar

2003: Laws against unwanted direct marketing - Legal Challenges in Cyber-Medicine - Surveillance and Privacy 2003: Terrorists and Watchdogs - Privacy Complaints - How to win for your client - The new Spam Act - how it works - Digital Copyright and Software Licensing Update - Online contracts: Banking, finance and insurance

2004: Unlocking IP: New models for sharing and trading IP - Digital Document Retention launch

2005: Privacy Law and Practice update -


2003: Political economy of Junk Communication - Consumer rights and wrongs in electronic payments - National Identity Schemes as a Response to "Terrorist" Threat - FreeNet, the 'savage PET': Anonymous, uncensorable publication and the limits of legality - Copyright and Open Source from a customer's perspective - Challenging the role for public domain in copyright - Protection of human genetic information after ALRC

2004: Flow charts for teaching and learning law - When Registries Run Wild: VeriSign's Site Finder Service - Free Radicals in Cyberspace - A legal regulatory framework for Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) - Against Software Patents (Stallman) - Digital Divide

2005: Geo-location: 'a threat to the Net'? - Creative Commons and Knowledge Management -

Symposia and Fora

2000: Digital Agenda

2001: Digital Rights Management Systems

2002: Cyber-Liberties in the wake of the National security push - E-Authentication

2003: Revisiting the Digital Agenda - Spam Bill

2004: FTA and digital IP - Creative Licensing to Expand Australia’s Public Domain - Open Source Forum: Software and Patents

2005: Open Source Forum: Linux on the Desktop -

Research and Projects
Research Projects - Asia Pacific Privacy Charter - Making Privacy Laws Work - Spam - Digital Document Retention - Unlocking IP and extending the Public Domain - Regulating Online Investment
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