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Unlocking IP 2009 Conference

"National and Global Dimensions of the Public Domain’"

University of New South Wales, Faculty of Law
16-17 April 2009

The UNSW Cyberspace Law and Policy Centre will be hosting the 3rd ‘Unlocking IP’ Conference at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, from 16-17 April 2009. Earlier UIP Conferences were held in 2004 and 2006.

1. Themes The Conference will explore the national and global dimensions of the copyright public domain, drawing on the Project’s research to provide a structure for further discussion. It will bring together a range of eminent local and international scholars from the field, as well as showcasing notable Australian achievements in the copyright public domain. The Conference will be structured to some extent around key themes in the 2008 Submission by project researchers ‘Unlocking IP to Stimulate Australian Innovation – An Issues Paper’, made to the Australian government’s Review of the National Innovation System.

2. Conference history and sponsors

This is the third 'Unlocking IP' conference, following the successful 2004 and 2006 Conferences also held at UNSW and jointly hosted by the Centre and AEShareNet (now TVET).

The conferences are part of the Unlocking IP Project, a research project funded by the Australian Research Council.  The research investigates how Australia's digital commons, comprising both the public domain and public rights created by open content and open software licensing, can be expanded and protected. It focuses on 'self help' actions within the existing statutory context, in Australia's distinct legal and cultural context, and on comprehensiveness.  The project's Background Paper sets this out in more detail.

Unlocking IP's principal industry partner and Conference sponsor is AEShareNet , the online service for trading and sharing of learning materials. Details of all five industry partners (including Baker & McKenzie, IBM Australia, Linux Australia, and Open Source Industry Australia) and the investigators and participants in the research, are on the project web site.

3. Venue and location

The conference is held at the Law Faculty, University of New South Wales Kensington Campus in Sydney Australia.


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