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Cyberspace Regulation: eCommerce and Content

Day 1: e-Commerce and the individual

Chair: Graham Greenleaf, Director, Baker & McKenzie Cyberspace Law and Policy Centre

9:00 Introduction from the Chair

9:10 The revised EFT code of conduct: e-Commerce implications, Chris Connolly, Financial Services Consumer Policy Centre (FSCPC), UNSW Faculty of Law

9:50 Implications of Australia's new Privacy Law for eCommerce, Tim Dixon, Baker & McKenzie

10:30 Morning tea

10:50 Public attitudes to privacy, Maxine Loynd, Office of the Federal Privacy Commissioner

11:30 Trade marks and domain names: new developments, Patrick Gunning, Mallesons Stephen Jaques

12:10 Liability for misuse of digital signatures, Narelle Smythe, Clayton Utz

12:50 Lunch

1:50 Individual certificates in Public Key Infrastructure, Peter van Dijk, Galexia, and Chris Connolly, FSCPC

2:30 Panel discussion Public trust in PKI: unresolved legal and policy issues Chair and session speakers

2:50 Afternoon tea

3:10 Jurisdictional issues in cyberspace: the view from down under, Dan Svantesson, UNSW Faculty of Law, and Lee Bygrave, Norwegian Research Centre for Computers and the Law

3:50 Account aggregation: key legal, privacy and regulatory issues, Alex Grinberg, eWise, and Patrick Fair, Baker & McKenzie

4:30 Break for cocktail party

5:00 Cocktail Party hosted by Baker & McKenzie, principal sponsors, to launch the Cyberspace Law and Policy Series 2001.

Day 2: Internet content, intellectual property and the individual

9:00 Introduction from the Chair

9:10 Australian internet censorship in international context, Carolyn Penfold, UNSW Faculty of Law

9:50 Internet gambling regulation: moratoriums and dead ends (PowerPoint Presentation), Tom Dale, National Office for the Information Economy (NOIE)

10:30 Morning tea

11:00 Intellectual property, peer-to-peer networks and resistance to regulation, Kathy Bowrey, UNSW Faculty of Law

11:30 Do internet process patents threaten eCommerce?, John Swinson, Mallesons Stephen Jaques

12:10 Panel discussion Constitutional issues in regulation of cyberspace content, Holly Raiche, ACIF (Panel Chair) and session speakers

12:40 Luncheon address Trust in cyberspace: what eCommerce doesn't get (PowerPoint slides), Roger Clarke, Xamax Pty Ltd

2:10 The Digital Agenda Act: now in force, Ross McLean and Anne Flahvin, Baker & McKenzie

2:50 An introduction to Electronic Copyright Management Systems (ECMS), Peter Higgs, IPR Systems Ltd (NEW)

3:30 Afternoon tea

4:00 Panel discussion The individual's place in the future of copyright Chair and session speakers

4:00 Close