EVENTS - Cyberspace Law and Policy Series 2004

CLE conferences on cyberspace law

The Centre holds public seminars and conferences on cyberspace law and policy, and practical workshops covering 'the nuts and bolts' of dealing with certain issues and procedures.They generally run for a half or one day. These events are run in conjunction with UNSW Law Faculty's Centre for Continuing Legal Education (CLE),who take registrations, and they entitle legal practitioner attendees to credits for mandatory CLE. They are alsointended to be of interest to professionals, academics and advocates from a range of relevant disciplines. The 2004 Programme is below; it is updated as details are finalised.

LawTechTalks and seminars

Starting early 2003, we deliver an ad hoc series of short talks and seminars on a diverse range of cyberspace issues presented by expert visitors and researchers. Those held on campus at UNSW are called 'LawTechTalks'. These are usually in Law room 1042 to which the Centre and its partners invites interested students and academics of many disciplines, as well as advocates, media, policymakers and practitioners. The format is a 40 minute paper then 20 minutes for discussion. Attendance at UNSW veunues is free. Members of the public may also be able to attend outside sessions at a moderate cost. See the programme below. Suggest topics for future talks.

Symposia on public policy in cyberspace

From early 2002, the Baker & McKenzie Cyberspace Law and Policy Centre has hosted a series of expert symposia on 'Public Policy in Cyberspace'. These symposia are usually half or one day meetings to which the Centre invites policy makers, technical and legal experts involved in an area of cyberspace regulation and policy where there are important public interest issues to be decided. The format is based around a structured, round table discussion, not the presentation of prepared papers. Members of the public may also be entitled to attend some sessions at a moderate cost. The 2004 Symposia are listed in the programme below. Please suggest topics for future symposia.

Theme: 'Intellectual property' and the public domain

We are holding a series of events around related topics over the year on this disputed notion, including the FTA and IP and Creative Licensing symposia, the Unlocking IP: New models for sharing and trading intellectual property conference, Richard Stallman's LawTechTalk The dangers of software patents and the Open Source Forum on Software Patents.

2004 Events Programme

The programme is will be updated as items are confirmed. Contact us for details.

Type of event
Event - links to more details
Tuesday 23 March 2004
1-2 pm

Flowcharts with hyperlinks for learning taxation and intellectual property law -
Ian Iredale, University of Western Sydney

David Vaile

28 April

The A-US Free Trade Agreement and Digital Intellectual Property - discussion and analysis.
Includes sound and transcript files and lots of references.

Prof. Graham Greenleaf

11 May

and launch of new licence

Creative Licensing to Expand Australia’s Public Domain
Launch of the 'Free for Education' licence, introducing the Creative Commons Australian version, and recent developments in Crown copyright. Jointly with AEShareNet Pty Ltd.

Prof. Jill McKeough

27 May, 1-2
UNSW Valentine Annexe

When Registries Run Wild:
An Analysis of VeriSign's Site Finder Service
- John Selby
, Macquarie University

Prof. Graham Greenleaf
8 June, 1-2
Law 1042

Free Radicals in Cyberspace:
Hackers, spammers, spoofers and virus authors

- Meiring de Villiers

Prof. Graham Greenleaf

10 Aug 1-2 pm
Law 1042

Encryption and the law:
The need for a legal regulatory framework for Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
- Yee Fen Lim, Macquarie University

David Vaile

14 October
UNSW Scientia

'The Dangers of Software Patents' Richard Stallman, pioneer of GNU/Linux, the GPL and Free Software Foundation. Co-hosted by UNSW CompSoc, supported by UNSW and Law Faculty.

Dr Roger Clarke

3 November

Open Source Forum

Patents and software development - The first of a new series of software and IP law forums; stakeholders and experts discuss the use of patents in software engineering. Co-hosted with Linux Australia and OSIA.

Pia Smith,
Linux Australia

23 November

Seminar and Launch

Digital Document Retention and Destruction
Patrick Fair and other authors launch a White Paper on issues for corporate IT and information policy.

Dean Leon Trakman

16 November 1-2 pm

Globalisation and the Digital Divide -
Visiting UK Prof. Abdul Paliwala asks if regulatory and governance structures in global trade, IP and cyberspace prevent those on the Other side of uneven digital diffusion from creative participation, and raise the possibility of becoming 'read-only' cultures in the digital revolution.

Prof. Graham Greenleaf

18-19 November
UNSW Scientia

Unlocking IP: New models for trading and sharing intellectual property An innovative look at the copyrights continuum, 'Open Content', 'Open Source' and 'Free' software, and models for their use in education, publishing and beyond.

Prof. Jill McKeogh
Kathy Bowrey
Prof. Graham Greenleaf

"CLE Conference" = Continuing Legal Education conference, seminar or workshop (jointly with UNSW CLE and Cyberspace LPC)
"Symposium" = Public Policy in Cyberspace symposium
"LawTechTalk" = Occasional seminars with visiting experts at UNSW

For further information on these events, please contact our office .

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