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This page contains references to publications related to the project, work in progress, and select references.

Project publications

For a summary of the project aims, see The Project page on this site, which includes an extended description.

Pilot project article by Kirsty Williamson and Dimity Kingsford Smith:

‘How do Online Investors Seek Information and What Does This Mean for Regulation? (2004) Journal of Information and Technology Law

Work in progress

Dimity Kingsford Smith, ‘The Same Yet Different: Australian and US Online Investing Regulation, article for Toledo Law Review submitted to referees.

Stephen Judge, ""The regulatory balance in the provision of online investment tools to retail clients - is it safe to provide tools where retail clients prescribe their own suitability?", unpublished research paper, November 2006 UNSW
This is available under the Free for Education licence.

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Selected references

See also the substantial list of related references in the Selected References section of the About Online Investing Regulation page.

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