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CLE and conferences on cyberspace law

The Cyberspace Law and Policy Centreat UNSW holds public seminars and conferences on cyberspace law and policy, and practical workshops covering 'the nuts and bolts' of dealing with certain issues and procedures.They generally run for a half or one day, although some run for two days also as academic conferences. These are run in conjunction with UNSW Law Faculty's Centre for Continuing Legal Education (CLE),who take registrations, and they entitle legal practitioner attendees to credits for mandatory CLE. They are intended to be of interest to professionals, academics and advocates from a range of relevant disciplines.

LawTechTalks and seminars

Starting 2003 we deliver an ad hoc series of short talks and seminars on a diverse range of cyberspace issues presented by expert visitors and researchers. Those held on campus at UNSW are usually called 'LawTechTalks'. The Centre and its partners invite interested students and academics of many disciplines, as well as advocates, media, policymakers and practitioners. The format is typically a 40 minute paper then 20 minutes for discussion. (Attendance at UNSW venues is free. Members of the public may also be able to attend outside sessions free or at a moderate cost.)

Symposia on public policy in cyberspace

From 2002 the Centre hosted a series of expert symposia on 'Public Policy in Cyberspace'. These symposia are usually half or one day meetings to which the Centre invites policy makers, technical and legal experts involved in an area of cyberspace regulation and policy where there are important public interest issues to be decided. The format is based around a structured, round table discussion, not the presentation of prepared papers. Invited participants can attend sessions free or at a moderate cost.

For further information on these events, please contact our office.