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Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Your Say

We invite commenting and discussion on our posts. We are happy for all feedback, whether private or public. There are three ways...

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Ben Bildstein:
Catherine Bond:
Abi Paramaguru:
(to test how well this works:

Guest posts
We welcome guest posts by those with expertise or professional experience in this area. Please contact if you are interested in contributing a post to the House of Commons.

Comment on our posts
Please use the comment feature at the end of the post pages. However, comments on our blog are moderated, so your comment will not be visible until it has been approved by one of the blog members.

Though we expect to publish most comments, and discourage people masquerading as others, we are not in a position to undertake (a) to publish every comment, or (b) to actively check authenticity of posters' identity. The Comments are accordingly included on an "as is" basis; you as a reader should make your own inquiries and draw your own conclusions.


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