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Thursday, February 22, 2007


M/C Journal - "Jam"

Some readers may be familiar with the M/C Journal, an online peer-reviewed media and culture journal where each edition centres around a common theme but there is incredible variety in the article choices. Past editions include Copy, Collaborate and Free.

The December 2006 edition is definitely worth a look - titled Jam, the articles range from pieces on code jamming and mash-ups to analyses of making actual jam. Given that one of the benefits of the commons is the ability to take something old to make something new, the articles on jamming are certainly worth a read.

Find the table of contents here, the editorial by Jo Tacchi and Lawrence English here and Em McAvan's interesting article "Boulevard of Broken Songs" here.

For any readers who may be interested to contributing to this journal in the future, upcoming edition themes include Mobile, Error and Vote. Find more about how to submit here.


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