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Thursday, March 22, 2007


The Mystery of Morris Iemma's MySpace Page - Solved!

Earlier this week I posted my thoughts about Australian politicians and MySpace - see it here. I lamented the fact that there are a lot of Australian political profiles on MySpace, but none of them appeared to be legitimate and I appealed to Australia's politicos to let us know if their MySpace page was real.

One of these, current NSW Premier Morris Iemma's, appeared to be - if only for the fact that it didn't contain a great deal of content. Sadly, however, the case has now been cracked and the site revealed to be a sham.

Andrew Donnellan kindly emailed me and pointed out:
"According to 'Morris Iemma's' MySpace profile:
Status: Single
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Children: I don't want kids
46 years old"
Andrew then revealed the problems with these details:
"Firstly, he is married. Secondly, his star sign is Cancer, according to the DOB on wikipedia. Thirdly, he has four kids. And he'll be 46 in three months time...he's still 45."
The sad conclusion to this is that appears MySpace is lost to Australian politicians forever...


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