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Thursday, May 10, 2007


New Guides from the OAK Law Project

The OAK Law Project, based at the Queensland University of Technology, has followed up its thought-provoking first OAK Law report with two new guides focusing on digital copyright issues.

The first, ‘A Guide to Developing Open Access Through Your Digital Repository’, is aimed at helping users understand the issues in developing and building open access digital repositories.

The second hits quite close to home for both myself and my fellow housemate Ben. Titled 'Copyright Guide for Research Students: What you need to know about copyright before depositing your electronic thesis in an online repository', its aim is to assist research students in understanding their copyright rights, obligations and responsibilities when adding their theses to digital respositories.

Both guides are licensed under Creative Commons Australia licences. I'm thrilled at the release of these reports. Even as an individual whose thesis focuses on aspects of copyright law, there are so many copyright questions that arise in relation to your thesis, publishing, digital repositories etc. that it's hard to keep track of them all!

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