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Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Facebook: The Final Frontier?

Social networking websites continue to gain momentum, with Facebook arguably the latest site to crack the social networking market. Brigid Delaney, in a Sydney Morning Herald piece, is in turn the latest writer to question the validity of social networking sites. She asks the particularly apt question: will "social networking sites will breed a generation of emotional illiterates?"

Delaney doesn't cover the legal issues raised by sites such as Facebook, but this video raises all sorts of worrying privacy aspects (Hat Tip: Technollama). I have to admit that I don't have a Facebook page, but perhaps the fact that I blog will put me into the category that Delaney suggested above.


Anonymous Jenine said:
i was considering looking at facebook for my phd research - i am doing observations of online communities that share music and i heard this site is good for that, or at least sharing information about music. i heard that after you put up your music likes etc the site then finds gigs for the bands you like and feeds you the info, and other things like this. but do i want to give them my details to set up an account? i am not so sure....

thanks for the link :)
Blogger Abi Paramaguru said:
Jenine, it is up to you how much information you want to provide them (part of the idea being that the more information you provide, the more useful the service is to you). But you can probably get away with something quite minimal.

Also, you may find these links of interest:
Blogger Abi Paramaguru said:
Blogger Ben Bildstein said:
Personally, I don't mind giving this kind of service my personal information, simply because I believe that they know how many people really do care about their privacy and the integrity of their information. But perhaps that's just me.

The only question I generally ask myself is "do they give me the option of removing my information, and deleting my account". Some don't, you know.
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