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Friday, June 15, 2007


Free downloads = more $$$$?

Yet another example where a less restrictive approach to copyright protection has opened new doors for revenue:
"The ABC is finalising plans to re-sell The Chaser's War on Everything to overseas TV networks.

The satirical show has grown an international following thanks to the ABC's policy of allowing its shows to be accessed for free through its website and uploaded to video sharing sites like YouTube." (Offshore interest for Chaser's stunts, SMH, 13 June 07)"


"Gibson added that ABC's decision to make the show available as a free download from its website had actually increased, not threatened, sales of the show on DVD.

This contrasts with the views of most commercial networks, which go to extreme lengths to control the distribution of their content."

Incentive for other networks to consider alternate business models.

The fact that more and more people have been watching the show due to improved accessibility (as easy as hitting 'download') increases the audience of consumers interested in purchasing DVDs (with better quality, deleted scenes, commentary etc- all value adding) not to mention a host of other merchandise (books, clothes etc) and revenue from advertising placed on the show's website.

The success of the model will vary depending on the show (ABC is a public broadcaster). However, it is definitely an approach that should be more widely considered.

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