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Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Simpsons Movie Uploader Fined

This just in: Jose Duarte, who filmed The Simpsons Movie on his mobile phone and uploaded it onto the Internet, has been convicted and fined $1000 by Magistrate Pat O'Shane at the Downing Centre Local Court (See Housemate Abi's previous post on the case here). According to a report in the Sydney Morning Herald, Duarte's lawyer argued that his client "had 'the sophistication of a dead fish', when it came to uploading the footage on to the internet." Indeed. Commonwealth lawyers argued, however, that "the potential costs for the film's owners was in the hundreds of thousands of dollars".

It doesn't appear that anything detailed, beyond the report in the Sydney Morning Herald, is up on the Internet about this case yet. More to come as more details emerge.

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Blogger Abi Paramaguru said:
Dale Clapperton points out that the fine in this case (via the courts) is actually less than the fine that would have been payable under the infringement notice scheme.

Dale notes:

"This really gives the lie to the government claims that the fines associated with infringement notices would be less than if people took the matter to court."
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