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Monday, August 04, 2008


Cutler "Review of the National Innovation System" Report Delayed

Earlier this year Senator Kim Carr, the Federal Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research announced a review into Australia's innovation system, led by Dr Terry Cutler. The review sought public submissions regarding the nature of innovation in Australia (see the call for submissions here), due by mid-May.

The review received a whopping number of submissions - according to a media release from Dr. Cutler, about 630 - including one from Professor Graham Greenleaf, Chief Investigator of the Unlocking IP project here at UNSW, titled Unlocking IP to stimulate Australian innovation: An Issues Paper. Find it on Bepress as part of the UNSW Law Research Series here.

The committee was supposed to report to the Government by the end of July, but shortly after that time lapsed Dr. Cutler applied for an extension of time, and this has been granted by Senator Carr. According to the Review into Australia's Innovation System website, we can now expect the report sometime in September. You can also read more in Stephen Marchett's report in The Australian here, which describes this development as a "shock announcement".


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