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Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Friends Don't Depreciate Other Friend's Choses-in-Action

We have all seen those 'you wouldn't steal a car' piracy-is-wrong-kids advertisements on the legitimate DVDs we have purchased (and how can you avoid it when they don't let you fast-forward). Apparently the University of Sydney Law Revue 2007 had their own (and perhaps more accurate) take on these anti-piracy ads:

More piracy parody clips from the Revue are available here and here.

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Anonymous Anonymous said:
You may not be able to skip it, but I've found that I can increase the play speed on almost all of my DVDs. Bump that up to 8x and it goes by pretty quickly. :)
Anonymous Jessica Coates said:
These are brilliant - thanks for pointing them out to us Abi.

Good to see someone putting our new parody right to good use.
Anonymous David said:
I like this one that takes a tangent.
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