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Wednesday, November 26, 2008


What does 'non-commercial' mean to you?

From Creative Commons, originally posted by Mike Linksvayer:

As previously announced, Creative Commons is studying how people understand the term “noncommercial use”. At this stage of research, we are reaching out to the Creative Commons community and to anyone else interested in public copyright licenses – would you please take a few minutes to participate in our study by responding to this questionnaire? Your response will be anonymous – we won’t collect any personal information that could reveal your identity.

Because we want to reach as many people as possible, this is an open access poll, meaning the survey is open to anyone who chooses to respond. We hope you will help us publicize the poll by reposting this announcement and forwarding this link to others you think might be interested. The questionnaire will remain online through December 7 or until we are overwhelmed with responses — so please let us hear from you soon!

Questions about the study or this poll may be sent to

Some of the earlier questions are oriented towards content creators. I answered 'not applicable' to a lot of them. I thought the question that asks you to define non-commercial use was interesting. I'll share mine in the comments on this post, and I encourage you to do the same (so don't read the comments until you've done the questionaire!).

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Blogger Ben Bildstein said:
I think it's a really in depth survey. Really interesting just to answer.
Blogger Ben Bildstein said:
"Commercial uses of my work increase gross revenue, directly or indirectly.

Thus it is possible for a commercial entity (e.g. a corporation) to use my work non-commercially."

Of course, later in the survey, I'm confronted with the issue of how indirect can indirect be.
Blogger Catherine Bond said:
I gave a very similar definition Ben (obviously I had a look at your comments after filling the survey out for myself.) I think it's a great survey and it does create a number of 'stumbling blocks' so to speak that challenge the views of individuals like us here at the House of Commons who have been involved in these issues for a number of years.
Anonymous Anonymous said:
What were the questions in this survey and what were people's answers? Its one thing to close the survey, but why remove it from the Internets? What were the findings?
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